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Tactical Shooting Instructor Course


The course covers all requirements and standards of Government and Private Security agencies. The content is based on the most recognized worldwide programs with an optimized duration of 80 hours.
The training is delivered by distance learning, online training sessions, and a minimum of 32 hours of practical exercises. The minimum practical sessions and testing require the physical presence of the students in our training facilities in Bulgaria! All the rest could be done in live or by distance learning.
It covers:
- Modern shooting techniques methodology and concept;
- Teaching Tactical shooting with handguns and long barreled weapons ;
- Presentation skills;
- Andragogy and adults learning principles;
- Planning and preparation of training sessions in the classroom and at the shooting range;
- Conflict management;
- Technical knowledge about most popular modern firearms systems;
- Safety rules and precautions;
- Practical teaching sessions as an instructor at the shooting range.
For training programs that will cover your special needs and requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us. The package includes the training, the government certificate, and the supplementary EUROPASS document. The quantity of two hundred rounds of ammo for handguns and two hundred rounds of ammo for long-barreled weapons are included in the training package.
It requires previous experience with sidearms and/or long-barreled weapons at at least an intermediate level.
Price 1150 €

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