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Triskel International is a multinational educational project specialized in the use of firearms, close protection tasks and armed security in high risk zones.


It was established by Milen Dimitrov and Rudolf Camenzind, experts with vast international experience in training for Law-enforcement agents, military personnel, close protection and security officers and civilians.


The firearms training features a very wide range of weapons, starting with handguns in different calibers, going through the most popular rifles (AK-47/74 and M4) and ending with precision carbines with optical sights.


All of our courses are designed with the needs of the client in mind. Our training formats are suitable for beginners, as well as for very advanced users from police, military and security teams.


Our teaching methods are modern, interactive and based on the adult learning principles. Therefore in one day of comprehensive module activities we are able to achieve very high goals, based on the training needs of our students.


All courses are conducted at very modern indoor and outdoor shooting ranges in Bulgaria.



Our methodology is named Triskel. It is based on combining old defensive traditions and principals used by ancient Tracks with the most modern shooting techniques and tactics. Our contemporary shooting concept is influenced by the broad experience, obtained by the founders of the project. Our services represent a continuous development of the methodology of the legendary Jeff Cooper.


In 2002 Milen Dimitrov completed an instructor development course, conducted by Cooper’s instructors from Gun Site-Arizona. Since then his teaching methods have been refined to their current format - Triskel.


The success of our way of teaching is based on the constant and continuous interconnection between three main elements. The first one is the combat marksmanship and gun handling in tactical environment with relevant equipment.


The next key part is the building and maintaining of an appropriate physical and mental state, which grants precise and adequate reaction in critical conditions. 


The third element is the tactics- a skill of employing available means to accomplish a desired result. We distinguish several main types of tactics - individual self defense, protective security team and assault military or LA team tactics.


Triskel is one of the most ancient symbols used by the human race. It signifies cyclical triplicities of important elements in constant indefinite movement and interconnection.


Our main motto is Traditions and Diversity! We share ancient traditions combined with the diversity of the modern living!


You can contact us:

Via email at triskel.tst@gmail.com or triskel.tst@bluewin.ch for clients from Switzerland, Germany and Austria,

Via mobile: +359896658039 

Or on our social networks.

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