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Security Driving in High-Risk Zones Course (Armored cars B6)


Advanced level three day ( 32 hours) course that emphasizes on safe driving of different types of cars, including armored, defensive tactics while driving in escort, regular and emergency procedures, and racetrack drills for improving the control of the car.
The training is delivered by distance learning, online training sessions, and a minimum of 16 hours of practical exercises. The minimum practical sessions and testing require the physical presence of the students in our training facilities in Bulgaria! All the rest could be done in live or by distance learning.
Through explanation, demonstration, and a minimum of three hundred kilometers driving, students will build solid knowledge and gain experience in the tactical/defensive use of cars in close protection environments in High-Risk Zones. It requires possession of a valid driving license and a minimum of 3 years of previous driving experience. All the cars including armored, fuel and related equipment are included in the package.
Price 680 €

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