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Advanced Medical Course for High-Risk Zones – Level 5 D


The course covers all requirements and standards of Government and Private Security agencies. The content is based on the most recognized worldwide programs in this field with a duration of five days – 40 hours.
It covers:
- The pre-hospital environment
- Comparison of the Classical and Combat medicine;
- Difference between ABC and MARCH protocols;
- Patient assessment
- Respiration and Airway management
- Basic Life Support to all age groups
- Defibrillation
- Circulation and Shock
- Medical-related emergencies
- Trauma-Related emergencies.
- Tactical medical procedures and protocols for medical support in a high-risk environment
The training is delivered by distance learning, online training sessions, and a minimum of two days of practical exercises. The minimum practical sessions and testing require the physical presence of the students in our training facilities in Bulgaria! All the rest could be done in live by online sessions or by distance learning.
The package includes the training, the government certificate, and the supplementary EUROPASS document.
Price 490 €

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